Secondary Mathematics and Teaching

Reflection: Week 7

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Reflection: Week 7

This week’s reflection is on a blog about collaboration and its importance.  In today’s complicated society, it is becoming increasingly rare for single individuals to produce something that furthers a field or completes a larger project.  Working in teams is simply better because it allows individuals to stay focused on their areas of expertise, is faster, and more gets done in general when you are part of a team.  Teamwork is also important because it provides workers with a sense of “belonging” and being a part of something bigger than themselves.  I found this blog entry interesting for these reasons.  It also mentions a very important observation: ” In academe, teaching is often though of as a solitary thing — you create your own syllabus, reading list, lectures, and assignments. You’re supposed to be able to do this on your own. And I think that idea has trickled down to many libraries as well. The idea of running your teaching ideas by someone else or having someone observe your teaching is antithetical in some places.”  This observation is important because it sheds light on one of the biggest problems we face in the classroom: isolation.  Working with other teachers is critical to success, so DO IT!