Secondary Mathematics and Teaching

Reflection: Week 8

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We all make mistakes.  It is a part of life.  It is a part of teaching.  This week’s reflection is on another blog entry by Meredith Farkas.  In this blog entry, she discusses the idea that finding mistakes made is not nearly as important as figuring out why the mistakes were made.  Knowing the why part allows us, as teachers, to address how to truly fix the mistakes being made.  She also talks about strech errors and why students make them.  Basically, she argues that students typically make them because they do not understand the reason for evidence in research papers. Then they make mistakes in choosing their research sources.  Knowing this small bit of information allows us teachers to know to focus more of our teaching on the reasons behind needing evidence resources for research papers and not just how to cite sources or the number of sources needed for your next assigned paper.